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Weight Loss Tablets

Weight loss has become an international obsession. What was once confined to the United States (save for the large girth that Sumo wrestlers actually aspired to), has now reached the shores of most of the rest of the world, previously content with their natural diets. Fast food and fast lifestyles with too little exercise has taken its toll. Yet while we donˇ¦t slow down, we do wish to maintain our figures, and to this end, many have turned to weight loss tablets.

Weight loss tablets have been with us since at least the end of the Second World War. However, most Americans didnˇ¦t really start to get wind of them until around the early 70ˇ¦s when health consciousness became a more essential aspect to a burgeoning group of people. Unfortunately, all too often, the weight loss tablets that touted healthy looks were not really so healthy in themselves.

This is little wonder when one considers that the active ingredient in these early weight loss tablets was a synthetic compound invented by the Nazis to keep their soldiers eating little and to stay awake longer. This compound also had the nasty side effects of raising aggression in those who consumed it, and, if taken for too long a period of time, of inducing psychosis.

Of course, the early manufacturers of weight loss tablets took this into consideration. Some of them were even respectable enough to warn their clients of the dangers of excessive use ˇVand usually written on the pill bottles in the smallest print that could still be read.

While the FDA has been accused of many things, this is one aspect that theyˇ¦ve tried to raise a little awareness about. Sadly, there still has not been enough awareness drawn to the dangers of weight loss tablets. Yet what dangers, you ask.

First, in the hands of a person who suffers from anorexia, these pills can ˇVand have been, lethal. People with mental illness related to weight reduction and self esteem problems simply should not take such medications. Very often these pills help to diffuse the desire for food, while at the same time leeching important vitamins from the body as the body begins to cannibalize itself. This results in the disappearance of all muscle tone and the emaciation of the body, until death, heart attack, or other internal system failures occur.

Of course, this is the worst case scenario. For most people, the use of weight loss tablets is not so extreme. In fact, very often such tablets work. There are now ever-better similar products on the market which are designed to avoid such problems. However, the truth of the matter is, despite results, these medicines still can complicate a personˇ¦s health, and so if used, should be done so moderately, and with great caution.

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