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Weight Loss Solutions

Weight loss solutions today seem to be everywhere. Afternoon TV, late night TV, the Sunday circulars, and even radio is now getting into the act. Yet as common sense tells us, many of these weight loss solutions simply can・t be effective. If they were, one or two successful methods would cannibalize the rest, by simple word of mouth. As well, America (and more so, the rest of the world) wouldn・t have an expanding obesity problem.

This is not to say that none of these methods work, as that would be a blanket statement covering the truth, and the truth is, there are methods that work. The first two considerations are your health and time. You don・t want to sacrifice your health for -well, your health (not to mention how you look). This wouldn・t make any sense. The amount of time that you need to lose the weight in is an important consideration.

Let・s consider health first. Any weight loss solutions that try to sell you a drug Vvery often even natural drugs, should be scrutinized carefully. The simple fact is, if you・re not :going natural,; you・re probably endangering your health, if only to the smallest degree. This is of course not entirely true, but is a good rule of thumb, nonetheless.

The two truest weight loss solutions are also two of the oldest. Both the father of medical science, Hippocrates, and his eager student, Galen, the two foremost doctors of ancient western history, both prescribed the same simple formula as both weight loss solutions and paths to general health. These two simple yet revolutionary ideas were that everybody should eat a proper amount of good, healthy food (as opposed to fast food, which Hippocrates never even dreamed of), and maintain a regular exercise regimen that neither over-exerts, nor cheats the body of necessary usage. Diet and exercise are the revolutionary ideas; the same recommendations that are still made by doctors nearly 3,000 years later.

Let・s take a look at these most basic of weight loss solutions. First, proper foods. It goes without saying that if you think negative thoughts, you・ll begin to act negatively. Likewise, if you spend time with negative or bad-natured people, you・ll follow suit. So to eat poorly will also result in poor health. This means avoiding excess salt and fat (such as oils), fried foods in general, and even foods that are commonly dubbed GMO・s (Genetically Modified Organisms) Vbecause without testing, we just don・t know what these foods will do to you.

As regards exercise, even if you eat the best of foods, you may still require some weight loss solutions, of which exercise is foremost. Exercise enables your musculature to maintain a healthy hormone balance while at the same time enabling the mass within your muscles to stay the same or improve Vbut certainly not to atrophy, and at the same time, burning fat.

It is as with anything else: practice makes perfect. If you wish to play the violin, you cannot just pick it up and sound like a master, you must practice. So too with both your eating habits and your exercise habits.

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