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Quick Weight Loss

Itˇ¦s all around us: quick weight loss. We see it in commercials, late at night, early in the morning, and every time in-between. Quick weight loss is endorsed by the stars (though usually those with careers on the rocks), or even by sports celebrities. Yet is all of this healthy? Is any of it healthy?

Of course, to be fair, there probably is at least one healthy form of quick weight loss, but truly that depends on what you deem ˇ§quick.ˇ¨ Many people want to lose a lot of weight within one or two weeks. This is by no means healthy. The truth of the matter is that a body cannot handle a drastic loss of weight of say, twenty pounds, per week. Even twenty pounds in two weeks may be excessive.

So, if you want to be healthy and yet have lose weight quickly, comparable to that described above, forget it. The two ideas are mutually exclusive. Let us look at two methods of quick weight loss and how they can harm the body.

Pills. Generally weight loss pills are one of any type of legal speed. Thatˇ¦s right: speed. If you look at the ingredients list and you see any words that end in ˇVine, then itˇ¦s a form of speed ˇVsuch as crystal methamphetamine, the most notoriously illegal version of this family of chemicals. While these drugs generally provide quick weight loss, they also sap the body of its natural energy, providing a false, ˇ§sugar rushˇ¨ type of energy, while at the same time depleting the body of vitamins and minerals. Very often diet pills also overstimulate numerous glands and strain the heart, even resulting in heart attack. As well, if taken to excess, they can result in temporary psychosis. This is not the form of quick weight loss for anyone that wishes to remain healthy.

Another form of quick weight loss is through rapid dehydration; this too is a bad thing. While your body is primarily composed of water, losing an inordinate amount and at a fast pace can result in fainting, hypertension, and even death. One rising actor who was trying to achieve quick weight loss for a part in a film recently thought it a grand idea to wear a trash bag beneath his workout sweats as he ran ˇVin Las Vegas during the summer! As expected, he fainted and had to be rushed to the local emergency room.

As you see, the ˇ§quick fixˇ¨ is also the ˇĄquick to the graveˇ¦ method. If you want to lose weight in a safe, effective way, consider the following. First, see a doctor ˇVpreferably a dietician in conjunction with your general health practitioner. They will prescribe a healthy diet and exercise regimen that will work. It may not give you the figure of a famous model or Hollywood superstar, at least not initially, but it will work. Even those stars see dieticians, after all.

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