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Effective Weight Loss

By now youˇ¦ve probably heard everything that you possibly can about effective weight loss. Diets that let you eat whatever sweet you want. Diets that allow you to eat as much meat as you want ˇVas long as you stay away from those dreaded (gasp!) vegetables. Diets that let you eat anything and everything you desire, as long as you say a personal mantra at least 3 times a day.

The truth is - having a healthy looking body is work. Especially if youˇ¦re over twenty years of age. Yet, even if youˇ¦re under this age and have suffered from being overweight, then quite simply, youˇ¦re doing something wrong. This is not to say that you are a bad person, not by a long shot. Itˇ¦s only that everyoneˇ¦s body is different, and to achieve effective weight loss may mean doing something different than basically everyone else.

First, neither sweets nor meat is the solution. The people that created that diet (we wonˇ¦t say any names) are now getting sued not only by a growing number of individuals whoˇ¦ve had heart attacks, but by the federal government, who is trying to watch out for us. Sure, a little meat might be good, but everything must be in moderation.

This last idea canˇ¦t be stressed too greatly, so letˇ¦s say it again: everything in moderation. Even water, which is the greatest substance in the world for your body, can be overdone. Yes, you actually can drink too much water. Itˇ¦s called drowning. No, but seriously, try to drink 4 glasses of water. By your third glass your body is already telling you to slow down. Your body knows what it wants and ˇVmore importantly, what it needs. (Incidentally, dieticians recommend a goodly amount of water as a part of effective weight loss, so drink up ˇVbut in moderation.)

Thatˇ¦s another good point, too. Listen to your body. This is not just some new age slogan to trick people out of their money; it truly works. In fact, while you might not feel it at first, after youˇ¦ve lost a little weight and are more aware of what should or should not go inside of you, youˇ¦ll feel it too, when someone offers you a little chocolate and a little voice tells you to refrain, itˇ¦s not just guilt; itˇ¦s one of the first signs of effective weight loss: the mental aspect.

The reality is that we all know what it is that we have to do to achieve effective weight loss. Yet we allow ourselves to be weak ˇVand then, to make things worse, we insult ourselves. Neither of these habits is healthy. No matter how heavy you are, learn to love yourself, and compliment yourself on a daily basis. As you gain composure and self-respect, youˇ¦ll lose weight. Itˇ¦s a lovely balancing act of effective weight loss.

Even better, once the pounds begin to drop off, they go faster and faster, as your health and energy come back to you. Momentum is gained, as though you were standing atop a hill of health. And truly, with healthy, effective weight loss, you are.

Loss weight and get fit at the same time!

Itˇ¦s almost a truism that in American society the ˇ§quick fixˇ¨ is in, whereas the alternate ˇVanything which takes time, is out. Sadly, this is disproportionate to basic reality. As any teenager knows (though rarely heeds), anything that is worth doing, takes time. So with this idea in hand, let us proceed to fitness for weight loss.

Fitness for weight loss is important as, without maintaining our bodies, we will have no bodies. While there are all sorts of ideas and philosophies floating around, most people must concede at least the basic truths of materialism: that we are composed of atoms, and that those atoms need to be ˇ§worked.ˇ¨

What this means in common terms is that fitness for weight loss equates to exercise. Without exercise, losing weight is generally an unhealthy (if even possible) venture. Yet letˇ¦s look at a metaphor, to truly grasp the ramifications of this idea. Imagine that your body is a car. We say a car, as itˇ¦s easily identifiable because most of us own at least one, if not more, cars.

The truth of the matter is that we generally maintain our cars, because we want them to continue working for us. And yet, though we want our bodies to also continue working for us ˇVand in a decent manner, we donˇ¦t treat our bodies ˇValso composed of atoms, and equally tangible, as our automobiles. We seem to feel that if we ˇ§will it,ˇ¨ that matter will simply disappear from our bodies, and we will be whole as we see fit.

This is absolutely irrational behavior. So, you must ask yourself if the above description reflects your own actions. If so, you absolutely must change, at least if fitness for weight loss is your conception (and rightly so) of how to shed those pounds.

Yet maybe that was not enough to convince you. Let us look to history, then. Hippocrates, the generally acknowledged ˇ§Father of Medicine, as far back as half a millennium before the reputed birth of Christ, wrote that the two most important aspects to a humanˇ¦s good health are diet and exercise. This is half of fitness for weight loss. The other half being (proper) diet, of course.

Going back to the metaphor of the car, this makes perfect sense. One can put the best gasoline and the best oil into an automobile, and yet if the car sits in our garage, without being utilized, the engine will clog up, the gasoline will go bad, and the gas tank will rust out. Consider this analogy in relation to your body. From this you quickly see the value of fitness for weight loss.

Let us not consider this too lightly, no matter how often it is repeated. Good food and fitness for weight loss are the two keys ˇVnot only to go easy on your bathroom scale, but to feel better and to be in a more healthful way. May your desires and realities converge.

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